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Lonely, Lazy, or Stranded in the Woods? Christmas Dinner in a Can!

This wholesome meal of turkey casserole, winter vegetables, sausage, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sounds great until you discover that it comes in a can that magically heats itself. I’m sure the “totally safe exothermic reaction” that ‘cooks’ the ‘food’ isn’t actually harmful, but I’m going to stay far away from this meal long after the 12 minutes it takes to heat up. The Firebox store claims that HotCans are “nutritionally balanced” and “really rather delish,” but something tells me they aren’t much more than a sodium mash that would put a bag of Fritos to shame.

There are suspiciously few photos of the contents of the can and the one gif they provide makes it look like soup. They also have 4 additional flavors for those looking to enjoy magic canned food year round: Bangers & Beanz, Vegetable Chilli, Chicken Curry with Rice, and my favorite – Beanz with Balls. HotCans – the cure for cowardly beanz!

via Firebox

By Maziar Azizi

Maziar is an East Coast transplant who thought he didn't like LA - until he moved to Orange County for school.

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