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Lobster & Cream Cheese Wontons

Where can you have lobster for only $0.94 a serving? Okay well maybe it’s a wonton servings and it’s imitation lobster but who cares? This Lobster and Cream Cheese Wontons recipe is where it’s at and won’t hurt your wallet either with it only costing $7.57 for the entire thing. Any crab rangoon lovers out there would fall hard for these. And if you don’t know what crab rangoon even is…may your soul be blessed.

By Kiera Wright-Ruiz

Writer. Photographer. Cook. Not afraid of trans fat. Kiera lives for the things that inspire her to write -- food is one of them. She has a much greater appetite than just for good grammar. Her writing experience includes time at the Independent Florida Alligator, HOME Magazine and Foodbeast. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in journalism.

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