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These Loaded Breakfast Tamales Can Only Be Found At Playlist Live’s New Food Festival

Foodbeast and Hubert’s Lemonade are bringing a mouthwatering new food festival to Playlist Live in Orlando: BRUNCHFEST. The name says it all and one of the dishes we’re most excited to sink our teeth into are these loaded breakfast tamales.

Created by Tamale Co., the breakfast begins with two tamales of your choice, rice, and beans. The bowl is then smothered in salsa verde and topped with chorizo, cheese, and sour cream. Finally, it’s stacked with two fried eggs covered in even more chorizo and roasted poblano peppers.

In short, it’s essentially everything we love about Mexican breakfast in one serving.

To compliment the savory and spicy dish, the Loaded Tamales are paired with Hubert’s Watermelon Lemonade. You may need a second bottle, if you’re planning on conquering this bowl.

The Loaded Breakfast Tamales were created for Foodbeast’s Brunchfest, presented by Hubert’s Lemonade at Playlist Live. Brunchfest will be running in the Food Truck Area from 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, April 28th, and Sunday, April 29th.

Tickets to the event, happening at the Orlando World Center Marriott, are still available.

Photos by Michael Priestley

Created in partnership with Hubert’s Lemonade

By Hubert's Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you get a big truck. In 1935 Hubert Hansen did just that. Armed with a truck full of his homemade natural juices, he drove around studio lots sharing his delicious goodness with rising stars. Hubert's Lemonade is irresistible — a tasty, refreshing mix of sweet and tart. It's happiness in a bottle!