Little Old Lady Recipes

Is Grandma the best cook you’ve ever known?  Is she generous with hugs and kisses, but a bit stingy when it comes to sharing her wonderful recipes?  Will she tell you all the basics of how to make her fabulous chicken soup, but leave out that secret ingredient that really makes it special?  Well, this book is full of other people’s grandmas, but they are happy to share these dishes with you.  Perhaps you’ll find a recipe that tastes just like something your own grandmother would make!

The book contains many photos of the “little old ladies” looking adorable in their aprons and track suits as they prepare, serve, and enjoy their good-old-fashioned food.  Sassy tidbits are also scattered throughout the book, where the women share some of their wisdom and wit.  I find the “Sissy Version”  of the Macaroni and Cheese Casserole particularly endearing. It suggests: “Replace whole milk with skim milk and regular macaroni with whole-wheat macaroni. Enjoy it Less.”

So whip up a few of these classic dishes, and bring grandma some leftovers.  Maybe you’ll surprise her by figuring out her secret ingredient.  And you’ll be well-prepared to make these tried and true meals for your own grandchildren someday! ($9.95 @ Amazon)

By Nina Acosta

Products Contributor

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