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Little Caesars Swaps Pizza Crust with Soft, Fluffy Pretzel


Kicking off the end of summer, Little Caesars is introducing their new Soft Crust Pretzel Pepperoni Pizza. Come September 1st, the carryout special will be priced at $6 between 4pm to 8pm.

According to GrubGrade, the chain’s regular greasy crust will be swapped with a salted, buttered soft pretzel with a cheddar cheese sauce base topped with an Asiago, Fontina, Parmesan and White Cheddar cheese blend. While there was no mention of a tub of nacho cheese sauce to go with the new pretzel crust, we suggest bringing your own anyway. It’s only proper.

By Charisma Madarang

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8 replies on “Little Caesars Swaps Pizza Crust with Soft, Fluffy Pretzel”

Right-o, I got one of these bad boys and I did not expect the cheddar cheese sauce. It was terrible, not as bad as the pepperoni, but still just terrible. The default setting (sauce) should be pizza sauce; and no pepperoni.

Pretty sure you can order one with pizza sauce if you call ahead. I plan to but I’m going to try one the proper way as well. WHAT I REALLY WANT BACK, is there great tasting square pizzas in the long cardboard and paper containers from the late 80s and early 90s. The pizza tasted much better then. Still decent though for cheap pizza! I’ll give them that.

Best pizza ever. It was well worth the extra dollar spent. Pair it with the jalapeno cheese sauce to dip the crust in. I just hope little caesars makes it a permanent item on the menu.

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