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Listen Preppies, The Saved By The Bell Themed Diner Is Coming To L.A.!

When I wake up in the morning and my alarm gives out a warning that the uber cool Saved By The Bell themed diner is truly coming “bayside,” I geeked out harder than Screech does with robots named Kevin!

The pop-up diner dubbed “Saved By The Max” (after the sitcom’s original) has been in Chicago’s Wicker Park for the past year, with an overflowing amount of SOLD OUT evenings.

And now, “The Max” is making its way to the Los Angeles area!  Unfortunately, no word yet on when and where at this time… but I expect the 90s nostalgia will come rushing back to you as more details are revealed.  With Hollywood so close by, who knows which of your favorite SBTB stars will stop by.

Expect the same pre-millennium vibes, with similar menu items that pay homage to the characters that made the show such a hit. A.C Sliders? Lisa Turtle Milkshake? A Kelly Kapowski sandwich? Count me in!

Seems so cliché to quote Jesse Spano… but I can’t help it — “I’m so excited! I’m so excited!”

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Keep it locked on their social media channels: @savedbythemax or their website for further announcements!

By Raphael Madrid

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