Leninade — So Good It Makes the Gulag Bearable

Whoever said communism kills creativity and the human spirit, has clearly never experienced Leninade. This pink lemonade from Real Soda sports a sick(le) logo that is accompanied by enough puns to feed the whole village’s humor.

I won’t Bolshevik you I haven’t tried the Commi elixir. However, I heard Doctor Zhivago, despite not drinking the Soviet Kool-Aid, would drink his fair share of Leninade in hidden moments. If it’s good enough for Dr. Z, then surely it’s good enough for us capitalists, especially ‘cause we won’t have to fear being sent to the Gulag.

Speaking of the Gulag, drinking Leninade will feel like you’re spitting in the face of Solzhenitsyn, but at least your spit will taste delicious. You gotta wonder, if the Gulag served Leninade, maybe it wouldn’t have been that horrible of a place.

photo courtesy of Flickr

By Joey Nargizian

Joey is the 2017 Chopped champion. He also runs for President in 2020. But right now he is just eating, writing and playing soccer (not all at once). Pretty amazing trajectory if you ask him.

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