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Asian Sandwich Chain Forced To Recall More Than 200,000 Pounds Of Meat


Lee’s Sandwiches is recalling 213,000 pounds of meat items that weren’t properly inspected, reports the Los Angeles Times. According to a news release, products that were produced without inspection were susceptible to increased human health risk.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture stated that the products Lee’s was serving had been produced in a facility that wasn’t marked by the USDA seal. These included both pork and chicken pates, salami, steamed meat buns, cooked turkey breast and beef jerky which had been produced between May 18, 2014 and May 18, 2015.

Lee’s Sandwiches supplied meats to locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas.

As of publication, there hasn’t been any reports of illnesses from the meat. However, better safe than sorry.

Photo: Lee’s Sandwiches


By Peter Pham

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