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Lebron Will Be Taking His Donut Dunking Talents to Asia

NBA superstar Lebron James, one of the most hated athletes in America, will focus on increasing his likability overseas instead. James will be the new face of Dunkin’ Donuts as he will be taking his marketing talents to Asia.

A Dunkin’ Brands spokeswoman said that James will be the new “brand ambassador” and although specifics were not given, it is a multi-year deal.

Dunkin’ Brands, which also owns Baskin’ Robbins stores, has about 5,400 stores across the Asia-Pacific region. Its plans to add 250 more stores by 2015 will just add to its overpowering control over competitors as Starbucks, the second leading coffee company in Asia, only has about 1,700 stores, while Krispy Kreme has around 100 stores in the region.

This will be the easiest time the Dunkin’ Donuts advertising staff will have with commercials, just have James dunking donuts in different variations. China, Taiwan, India and South Korea will be the lucky countries to see Lebron’s face pasted all over their morning coffee.

Surprisingly, Dunkin’ isn’t taking advantage of the Jeremy Lin phenomenon, but Lebron is no slouch when it comes to his brand in Asia. China, the second largest market in the world has already embraced Lebron as his NBA jersey and shoes are top-sellers in the country.

No word yet if Dunkin’ will rename its donut holes after Lebron, but surely they will not name any ring-shaped donuts after him.

By Isai Rocha

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