Las Vegas Club Replaces Bottle Service Hostesses with Drones


Bottle service feeling a bit too… regular lately? Half-naked ladies pouring shots on your face and roomy cabanas just chopped liver?  Fret not. Las Vegas’ Marquee Dayclub began testing flying robots that will deliver ice buckets of booze to your table.

While copious amounts of alcohol, drunk guests and heavy machinery with spinning blades doesn’t sound like the safest situation, the kids seem to be enjoying it:

Despite the cons outweighing the pros — risk of decapitation (messy), replacement of hot hostesses (unnecessary) — Marquee is charging a hefty price for the drone delivery. Patrons must purchase a minimum $20,000 bottle buy, according to Vegas Seven. Personally, I’ll opt for the walk to bar. It suddenly feels like the nostalgic, less fatal route.

Picthx electronic vegas

By Charisma Madarang

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