Lacoste Éclairs You Can Actually Afford. Probably, Maybe.

lacoste eclairs

For most of us, high-end designer bags, shoes and apparel are way out of our league. But theses designer desserts on the other hand . . . are still pretty pricey.

French luxury food retailer Fauchon collaborated with Lacoste for the clothing brand’s 80th anniversary and created these stylishly sweet éclairs. In green tea, almond, vanilla and lemon-strawberry varieties, the limited-time pastries sport Lacoste’s iconic cross-hatch pattern and green alligator logo. Starting June 17, for just $9.50 a piece you can eat one of these delicate designer pastries.

Or, you could grab a juicy hamburger + fries + drink for the same price. Just an FYI.

$9.30 a piece, $37 for 4 @ Fauchon

H/T + PicThx First We Feast

By Rachael Stuart

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