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Study Finds That Americans Are Still Not Willing To Buy Lab-Grown Meat

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Only 29.8 percent of Americans are very willing to buy lab-grown meat, according to new market research. That percentage is quite low when compared with consumers from India and China.

Why is this question so important? Because of so many reasons, but perhaps most of all because of the huge strain that meat production puts on the environment. But other reasons include the inhumane conditions animals are raised in and also the mass use of antibiotics that should make us worry about the implications (making the antibiotics much less effective for us, in particular).

Those reasons are enough to justify the current push for lab-grown meat, all kinds of meat alternatives and plant-based “meat” products. Unfortunately, while the rest of the world is embracing the idea of meat grown from animal cells rather than a whole animal, Americans are still quite reticent about this. And demand for meat is expected to rise 73 percent by 2050, which means that the future might be even worse.

Market research about lab-grown meat

Plant-based products like the Impossible Burger imitate animal products better and better lately. Still, only 29.8 percent of Americans are “very or extremely likely to purchase lab-grown meat”. Researchers with the University of Bath, the Good Food Institute, and the Hong Kong Center for Long Term Priorities conducted research in America, India, and China. About 1,000 people in each country responded to the survey. They answered questions relating to their food habits today and how willing they are to try new foods.

The result? 59.3 of the Chinese people that answered the questions (almost double the American percentage) were very willing to purchase lab-grown meat, and 48.7 of Indians as well. As for plant-basedmeat, 32.9 of Americans responded affirmatively, as opposed to 62.4 percent of Chinese and 62.8 of Indians.

When it comes to being completely closed off to the idea of meat alternatives, the disparity is once again high. 23.6 of Americans said they’re not interested at all in buying lab-grown meat, while just 6.7 percent of Chinese and 10.7 percent of Indians said the same.

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Article by Ruxandra Grecu from So Delicious. View the original article here.