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Indulge In A Fried Rice Lover’s Dream At This New L.A. Eatery

Not many consider fried rice to be comfort food right off the bat, but when you’re ears deep in a hangover the night after five too many shots, the concept of warm, fluffy rice accompanied by the juicy and delectable companionship of shrimp, carnitas, gravy, and of course, the ever-crucial fried egg, reaches defcon levels of comforting.

So when you hear of a new spot in Los Angeles that serves a dizzying variety of fried rice iterations, the good idea of hitting it up becomes great after tasting their outstanding LA Fried Rice. Using inspiration from whatever goes into tacos and fried rice, owners of Hot Hot Food Coly Den Haan and Dean Harada, decided to create a standalone outpost for all things LA Fried Rice. What Hot Hot Food does best is focus on the uber craveable dish and churches it up with a variety of iterations that will have your fried rice-lovin’ heart skipping more beats than a lazy music producer.

And when I say variety, I do mean a veritable gamut of versions that come in the form of a Loco Moco, shrimp, carnitas, and even vegan friendly fare such as kale and wild mushrooms. But beyond their fried rice expertise lies a host of choice items that amp up the dining experience at Hot Hot Food. Think steamed bao pork buns, unique milkshakes, refreshing slushies, and even a solid dessert in the form of their Fluffernutter sandwich.

Yes, comfort in any form is a wonderful thing. But when that comfort focuses on your stomach, by way of the many versions of LA Fried Rice at Hot Hot Food, then get ready to treat yourself to epic levels of it.

By Reach Guinto

Reach loves the Lakers, fried chicken, and a well-executed DDT. He came out the womb with a fried egg on top of his head.