LA’s Korea Town Is Getting A Halal Guys Too


With a Long Beach location only just opening a few weeks ago, the So-Cal Halal Guys have already announced their newest spot: Korean Town.

The popular New York City Middle Eastern food cart recently moved to the West Coast with its first location in Costa Mesa. The spot was received with four-hour long lines during the first week of business.

We spoke to business owner Thomas Pham about why he decided to go with his newest location, set to be built on Wilshire Boulevard.

Why Korea Town?

We think we’ll have a great lunch, but it’s going to be cool to be so close to a lot of iconic night time spots that are just a couple blocks away. We’re looking for a strong lunch, a strong dinner and if we’re lucky – we’ll get to feed the late late night guests as well!

He says his favorite thing about running the So-Cal Halal franchise is sharing the amazing food to the masses and introducing new customers to the brand. That and, of course, the food itself. He’ll even sit down with you and talk about how dope the white sauce is or how hot the red sauce is.

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Pham isn’t sure where he’s going to open the next Halal spot, but he expects pretty long lines in the K-Town location once that opens. However, he’s confident that his crew will move much fast than when he first opened his Costa Mesa spot.

Gotta get those busy city guests back in time from their lunch breaks.

Pham is hoping to open sometime in early Q2.

3432 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA

By Peter Pham

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