Kraft Mayo Introduces the World’s First Mayo-Diac

Mercury retrograde. The two words you can blame everything on when nothing seems to be going right. ICYMI, mercury retrograde is an optical illusion which means it looks as if the planet is moving backwards from our view here on Earth. When mercury retrograde is in effect, it often creates cosmic shifts that can throw off routines, induce major confusion and wreak havoc for many.

Fear not, Kraft Mayo is here to save the day with the launch of Mayo Readings — personalized readings about yourself and your future based on the unique way you spread your mayo. 

For the first time ever, find out what your unique mayo spreading style says about you — whether you’re a scraper, a sloppy squeezer, or a dolloper, Kraft has a reading for you.

Which Mayo spreader are you? Here are the 12 signs of the Mayo-diac, each with their own traits and influences.  

So how do you get your mayo read? Kraft Mayo has enlisted David Ebert @electronicbert, who will serve as the world’s first Mayo Reader, offering up personalized readings.

Fans can get in on the fun now until May 26 in one of two ways: by sharing their bespoke spread via duetting the Kraft Mayo Reader’s content on TikTok @RealKraftMayo or by tweeting their spread submission at @RealKraftMayo.