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Japanese Ramen Chain Introduces Savory ‘Chocolate Ramen’ For Valentine’s Day

When you think “chocolate ramen,” the first thing that probably pops into your mind is a dessert of warm chocolate sauce, sweet noodles, and fruit and candies colored to look like eggs, fishcakes, etc.

This chocolate ramen is nothing like that, because it’s all about the savory flavors with a chocolate-infused twist.


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Created by Japanese ramen chain Kourakuen, this Valentine’s Day special is a shoyu ramen that showcases how chocolate’s aromas can intertwine with those of noodles. It’s made with a cacao oil that adds notes of chocolate to the dish, but also comes garnished with a chocolate bar that adds sweetness to the broth as well.

The rest of the ingredients are standard to a ramen bowl: Noodles, fish cake, green onions, and ginger, which folks on Twitter and Instagram have noted pairs with the chocolate surprisingly well.


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According to Kotaku, all Japanese locations of Kourakuen are selling this intriguing culinary experience through Valentine’s Day. Based on how well it’s doing and the rarity of a savory chocolate ramen, though, it probably won’t be long until we see other versions of this popping up elsewhere.

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By Constantine Spyrou

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