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Get Buzzed Off This Alcoholic Chocolate


In Japan, there’s a line of chocolates that are designed specifically for adults. That’s cause the chocolates are actually alcoholic.

Koeda is a premium brand of chocolate snacks which, according to RocketNews24, contains a 3.1% alcohol content. A typical light beer boasts 3.9% alcohol.

The boozy candy features chocolate ganache and an undeniable presence of whiskey with some spicy overtones. The brand of whiskey, however, remains unmentioned. haha

Exclusive only to FamilyMart convenience stores in Japan, consumers can find the alcoholic candy for 298 yen ($2.64 US).

It’s tough to say if you can really get buzzed eating a pack. Maybe if you devour it in less than a few minutes.

Photo: RocketNews24

By Peter Pham

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