Kids Thrown Into Candy-Filled Room, Go Sugar Crazy on Grown-Up


Halloween is one day away and those with kids may want to prepare for the onslaught of children on a sugar high. Unless you run a tight ship in your household, there’s no way kids are going to stick to one or two pieces of candy this Halloween.

Crest got a bunch of kids dressed in costumes and put them in a room full of candy. Upon throwing a giant gummy bear into their midst, similar to throwing a zebra into a pride of lions, the kids devoured the glutinous ursine. Naturally what comes next is a room full of children high on sugar screaming at the top of their lungs. A little peek of what’s to come this Halloween.

Check out this adorable, albeit horrifying, video of kids going ape-shit on a Crest spokesman. The cameramen do nothing.

H/T Design Taxi

By Peter Pham

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