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KFC Warns You Not To Choke On Its New Original Recipe Boneless Chicken, Kinda


In an effort to ease the pain of the poultry-scarfing masses, KFC is introducing a new deep fried, original recipe boneless chicken so people no longer have to worry about choking on those pesky boney bits while eating on the go.

The idea, KFC said according to the Associated Press, is that young people don’t like bones because they grew up eating nuggets (curse you McDonald’s). It also said that if the trend towards more convenient, on-the-go eating options continues, bone-in chicken pieces could eventually disappear off the menu altogether.

Now, in case you were wondering what makes these guys any different from regular old chicken strips, rest assured knowing they are at least larger than normal strips and come in both white meat and dark meat, but not without losing the glory that is deep fried chicken skin, AKA the best part of chicken EVAR. Which makes the thought of this being the only chicken option available in the future all the more tragic.

When I was little, I would always peel the skins off my chicken, eat the boring meat inside first and then savor the deliciously crunchy fat strips, letting the juices swirl around on my tongue. And to think, if this thing takes off, my future children or grandchildren might not be able to do just that – I shudder at the thought.


The new offering also comes with this strange slogan: “I ate the bones!”—the meaning having something to do with the meat tasting so awesome and people being so famished that they inhale the chicken before fearing they might have swallowed bones. Though if the world does get lazy enough to prefer breaded boneless to skinned bone-in, “chicken-choking” will be the least of our worries.

New KFC Original Recipe Boneless Chicken will be available at select KFC locations starting April 14, either in a two-piece combo for $4.99 or in a 10-piece mixed bucket with four boneless and six bone-in pieces for $14.99

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