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The Internet Just Learned Why KFC’s Twitter Account Only Follows 11 People

As of late, many fast food chains have utilized social media for clever marketing strategies. Arby’s posts creative pop culture-related photos, Wendy’s roasts as many people as they can, and Burger King has promoted complaint tweets about their competitors, all in strokes of internet genius. The KFC Twitter account, however, is hiding one of the more clever stunts out there… and now that we know it, we can’t believe how subtle and perfect it is.

KFC Twitter accountPhoto: Pixabay

The KFC Twitter account, which has thousands of followers on its own, only follows 11 people. That may seem like a very odd and specific number, but there’s a good reason why KFC’s social media team chose to do that. As unveiled by @edgette22 on Twitter, KFC chose who to follow based on their famous secret spice blend.

Here’s the full list of people KFC follows::

@edgette22’s tweet has since gone viral, with hundreds posting their mind-blown reactions to this insane realization. Here’s some of the best:

Even Wendy’s had to tip their hat to what may be the greatest “dad joke” of all time, although they were a little salty over it.

What a low key and clever move by KFC’s social media team. We can’t wait to see what stroke of fast food social media genius hits us all next.

By Constantine Spyrou

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