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Hundreds Of Live Chickens Escape From Truck, End Up In Front Of A KFC

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Every day there is a remarkable occurrence of unfortunate events without any casual connection, but the irony in the following mishap is one huge coincidence.

Last Tuesday, in Melbourne Australia the unthinkable happened, as crates loaded with live chickens flew out of a semi truck, and if these chickens weren’t screwed from the get go, their unfortunate fate landed them exactly in front of a KFC.

The scene was filled with feathers flying everywhere and chicken survivors running around confused AF. Luckily for us, a woman recorded the happenings.  It’s interesting to note before watching that the woman recording was vegan, but take a look at the madness and the proximity of the business that just happened to land itself some more chicken.

On a serious note, sadly, more than 100 chickens were killed and a presumable amount where injured as the video demonstrates.

Local police did arrive on the scene to help clean up the mess, as spectators could not help in laugh and joke about seeing chickens around in front of a fried chicken joint. But, lets be honest before animal rights activists get their panties in a righteous twist, surely these chickens were on their way to the slaughter house anyways.

h/t herald sun

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