This Disgruntled KFC Employee Pushed His Manager And Started A Forest Fire


Ice Cube famously “lit some trees” after getting fired in the movie Friday, but a KFC employee in Michigan allegedly took that term more literally after he thought he got fired.

According to Up North Live, the unnamed 28-year-old man showed up for his shift at a KFC in Grand Traverse County and was immediately asked to leave by management.

Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s deputies told Up North that the manager sent him home due to “employee related issues,” whatever that means.

If he wasn’t technically fired then, he probably is now as he allegedly burned some trees in the back of the restaurant. Again, this is not a weed innuendo, there were literally a bunch of trees set on fire.

If for whatever reason they can’t prove the arson, there’s also an accusation of him pushing his former manager and stealing things from the manager’s unlocked car.

Police picked him up and arrested him on arson charges, breaking and entering into a vehicle, as well as assault.

No matter which side you believe, it sounds like they both had a pretty bad day.

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By Isai Rocha

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