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KFC Apologizes For Chicken Shortage With Cheeky Ad

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Recently, Kentucky Fried Chicken locations in the United Kingdom found themselves a little deep-fried after shutting down their stores due to a severe shortage of chicken.

About 750 of their locations closed in the UK, due to distribution issues. While KFC scrambled to find some much-needed poultry, the marketing for the fried chicken chain decided to lighten the situation a bit with a hilarious apology, GrubStreet reports.

The ad moved the “K” behind the “FC,” spelling “FCK” on the brand’s bucket in bold letters. It was then followed by an apology. KFC’s full-page graphic ran in the Sun and Metro papers this past week.

While most of the stores have reopened, some locations are still taking a little longer to get the supply they need. Until then, chicken-hungry fans will just have to wait.

By Peter Pham

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