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KFC China Offers Novelty Thin-Sliced, 6-Layer Beef Burger

While most of us associate KFC with crispy, fried chicken, the chain offers several beef items overseas in China, the latest creation being the Layered Beef Burger. Described as a “six layers of thin-sliced tender beef, cheese, lettuce and mushrooms,” the new item bears a resemblance to a teriyaki burger’s patty.

Available for 16 yuan ($2.61 US), this item isn’t the only thing on the menu that’ll have you giving the side-eye. Other non-poultry menu items include the other white meat, aka pork, as well as rice dishes and meatballs. A name change might be in order, maybe Kentucky Fried Everything if that’s how they’re gonna play us. Of course, we’re just mad we’re stuck with to-go cups while the rest of the world gets delicious beef.

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By Ashley Khawsy

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