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Kevin Durant Invests In Pieology, Battles Lebron For Pizza Supremacy

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The rivalry between Kevin Durant and Lebron James is moving from the basketball court to the pizza industry, as Durant just invested in Pieology, the popular build-your-own pizza chain.

According to ESPN, Durant will not only have a stake in Pieology, but will actually be a franchise owner, as well. Apparently Durant was really impressed with how quickly the pizza was made, and he was sold on the Pieology quality.

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Fellow NBA superstar Lebron James has found amazing success with his investment in Blaze Pizza, another build-your-own-pizza restaurant. In fact, Blaze Pizza was actually the fastest growing restaurant chain in U.S. history. Probably not all because of Lebron, but Blaze’s CEO did publicly credit Lebron for part of their success, saying he’s been a huge help with brand awareness.

Although Durant’s social media presence isn’t as vast as Lebron’s, Pieology believes that he brings huge value to the brand, saying, “We recognize what KD can bring to us as a partner… especially with his social following.”

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We may or may not see him in Pieology advertising, as he isn’t necessarily signing on to be a spokesperson, but it probably wouldn’t hurt as we’ve seen Lebron “work” a shift during his Blaze partnership, and use his celebrity status to help the brand.

While Durant said his partnership with Pieology had nothing to do with Lebron, you have to think he wants to do better than his rival.

By Isai Rocha

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