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Kevin Durant Trolls Haters With New Cupcake-Themed Sneakers

Many of basketball superstar Kevin Durant’s haters call him a “cupcake” because they consider him soft for joining the Golden State Warriors. Former teammate and current MVP Russell Westbrook first gave him the nickname when he bolted for The Bay Area. Durant, however, has taken the moniker in stride and even used it to troll haters after dominating on the court.

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Now, his latest clap back at the haters has arrived in the form of his new sneaker. According to Sole Collector, Durant’s new KDX ‘Red Velvets’ appear in a box of red velvet cupcakes in a Nike promo photo. Additionally, the official description of the new kicks makes several references to the “Cupcake” nickname.

“At the end of the day, winning is all that matters and anything else is just icing on the cake. The KDX ‘Red Velvet’ celebrates the smoothest player in the game and his undying quest for the sweet taste of victory.”

The colorway for this pair of KD’s latest sneakers seem to be a not-so-subtle jab at Russell Westbrook for giving him the name in the first place. Overall, Durant is being petty but also downright hilarious in the promos for his new shoe.

If you’re interested in acquiring these sweet kicks, they’ll be available on Nike’s website starting September 1st. No word yet if they’ll come with a box of cupcakes, but it would be the perfect finishing touch to Durant’s trolling if they did.

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