Kawasaki Releases Robots That Make Perfect Sushi In Seconds

The term, ‘Futurology’ is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “the systematic forecasting of the future, especially from present trends in society.”

That definition can easily be described as borderline creepy and ominous, but it’s probably not as unsettling as two robots working in systematic harmony to build the perfect plate of sushi. Fast-food robots aren’t anything new, and are actually quite fascinating to watch. There’s even a pizza cooking robot.

FOODBEAST has written extensively about robot taking over the food industry, from a robot-operated Carl’s Jr., to Shanghai-based restaurants using $150,000 robots to make ramen in 90-seconds.

Before you gear up to battle the machines, like that chick in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, chill for a second and check out this Kawasaki Robotics showroom in Tokyo — Kawasaki Robostage — which opened on Aug. 6, 2016.

Kawasaki has big plans to bring automation into the food and beverage industry and apparently wants visitors to, “have a taste of the envisioned future relationships between humans and robots,” according to Kawasaki’s website.

Whatever that means, but in the meantime, check out this Kawasaki bread scoring robot. Hopefully I don’t fall in love with it, like Joaquin Phoenix in HER.

It’s safe to say that the dough scoring robot is less frightening, let’s just keep robots away from my salmon sushi from now on and everything will be OK.

By Evan Lancaster

A journalist focusing on news and anything that's trending. Insists that cherry flavoring makes any soft drink better. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram at @ThatsThatFuego.

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