Girl Caught Smuggling Meth-Filled Burrito & Hodor Gets His Own Cake [KATCHUP]

Here we are, another episode of the FOODBEAST Katchup. If you missed out on all the food news this week, fear not. This series catches you up on all the top stories in the wide world of food.

This week, Olive Garden dropped some awesome new spaghetti pies. Wonder how many of those we could tackle? A Russian couple found a bear cub and raised it until it was fully grown. Now, the bear just sits and eats with them like it was straight out of a Disney movie.

If you’re a fan of those tiny yellow chili peppers from In-N-Out, you’re shit out of luck. An industry-wide shortage means you won’t be seeing many of them this summer. If you’ve been keeping up with this season of Game of Thrones, you’ll recall the unforgettable Hodor episode a few weeks back. Well, a hotel was so touched by what happened that they made a door-shaped cake for the actor who played Hodor.

Finally, if you plan on smuggling meth across the border you may want to avoid using burritos. This girl got caught doing that exact thing and now everyone’s wise to it.

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Olive Garden spaghetti pie

Spaghetti Pie Array

As Olive Garden keeps trying to reinvent pasta, its new summer menu includes pies made entirely of spaghetti, that might scare off Italian food enthusiasts, but excite those looking to try something new. READ MORE

Russian couple eats dinner with bear


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, overcooked my eggs and put the shower on too hot, but seeing this bear immediately turned things around for me. A Russian couple did something that sounds straight out of urban legends, as they somehow house-trained a bear, to the point where the grizzly could sit down on the dining room table and enjoy a nice dinner with the couple. READ MORE

Photo: Caters News Agency

In-N-Out running out of yellow peppers


Each week, I find myself helplessly drawn to my local In-N-Out where my order is standard: No. 1, no onions, add pickle and mustard, a Lemon-Up (sometimes Dr. Pepper). On some days, things get crazy and I’ll add chopped chilies to my Double Double, but mostly, I ask for yellow peppers on the side, without question. My favorite part of the meal is taking a bite of the yellow banana pepper, which I call chilies, then squeezing the juice all over every bite of my Double Double and fries.


The Game of Thrones door cake


Game of Thrones is arguably the most compelling drama on television right now, and will likely end its run in a few years as one of the greatest shows of all time. With its high production value and almost excessively engaging storyline, this epic series could very well “hold the door” for others to follow suit. Honestly though, I doubt it.

Kristian Nairn, the popular Irish DJ and actor that portrays the beloved character Hodor, was pleasantly surprised when he checked into his room and found a delightful little pastry made especially for him by Rachel Newman, the exceedingly talented pastry chef at the W Hotel. READ MORE

Girl caught smuggling meth burrito


An Arizona woman was recently apprehended for allegedly sneaking some methamphetamine tucked inside a burrito across the U.S.-Mexico border at Nogales, Arizona. READ MORE

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