KFC’s Crazy Handjob Ad And Delicious Weed Ramen [THE KATCHUP]

Man, what a busy week.

Ben and Jerry, the founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream were arrested for protesting at the US Capitol earlier this week. KFC posted a pretty NSFW ad on their Twitter and some folks got pretty steamed.

A popular brand of alcoholic root beer decides it’s gonna get even more alcoholic. Awesome. Remember that cooler Kickstarter campaign that was supposed to be the greatest tailgate accessory ever? Turns out it kinda sucks. A pizza box from Cybertron transforms into a pipe and someone created weed ramen. Because 4/20 was a couple days ago.

This was our week in food news, which you can find out more about in episode 17 of the Katchup.

Let’s also take a moment to remember Doris Roberts, Prince and Chyna. Rest in peace, guys.

OK, on to the KATCHUP!



Ben and Jerry Arrested


Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, better known as Ben & Jerry’s have been arrested. The two co-founders of the popular ice cream brand were a part of a protest at the U.S. Capitol regarding money in politics. Read more.

KFC’s Naughty Tweet


We’ve all heard the term “sex sells” but Kentucky Fried Chicken brought that statement to an uncomfortable visual reality in a tweet early Friday morning. And the Internet got pissed! Read more.

Alcoholic Root Beer Gets Boozier

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.40.33 PM

Beer isn’t for everyone. In fact, you might be surprised at how many people there are out there that flat out don’t like the taste, despite its crisp drinkability and very wide variety of refreshing flavors.

Damn, now I need a beer. Read more.

Cooler, Not So Cool


In July 2014, we wrote about the Coolest Cooler, a state-of-the-art cooler that would become the second most funded thing on Kickstarter, generating more than $13 million in one month. Nearly two years later, the company is asking backers to fork up another $97 in order to get their coolers “expedited,” and people think that’s pretty uncool. Read more.

Stoner Pipe In Pizza Box


For the stoner who crushes a large pizza and is too lazy to get up off the couch to find their favorite pipe afterward — now there’s an app for that. Read more.

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