Kanye Rudely Interrupts A Friend’s Wedding Dinner, Because Kanye [WATCH]


OK, so maybe he didn’t ‘ruin’ his good friend Dave Grutman and wife Isabela Rangel Grutman’s wedding, but you know everyone at the reception had to collectively be sweating when Kanye West stood up.

Wedding receptions are really the only thing worth going to a wedding for, as there’s food, drinks and good vibes all around.  During the reception, Saturday, DuJour Media’s Jason Blinn was giving a beautiful toast to the newlywed couple when Kanye suddenly felt the urge to take it back to 2009 and rudely interrupt Blinn.

In the exact manner that he did to Taylor Swift during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, he grabbed the microphone and said, “Imma let you finish….”

Uh, oh. This can’t end well, right?

You’d think he was going to say something terrible, but the second part of his sentence was a lot nicer toward the newlyweds, as he said, “… but Dave and Isabela had one of the weddings of all time!”

Blinn looked like he was in on the whole thing, and it was all in good fun, so I think we should give Kanye a pass, but his detractors will probably still call him a jack-ass, especially since it reminds us all of the time he actually was being a jack-ass.

Check out the video courtesy of Grutman’s Instagram:

Well I guess this says it all. I love you @isabelarangela Grutman

A video posted by David Grutman (@davegrutman) on

screenshot via TMZ video

By Isai Rocha

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