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Justin Timberlake’s ‘Braspberry’ Hack Is Taking Over The Internet

Pop singer and actor Justin Timberlake just gave a creative food hack a novel name, and the internet’s already flipping out over the newly-dubbed “braspberry.”


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In a video on his Instagram feed, JT shared some deep thoughts on the hack, which is performed by jamming a blueberry inside of a raspberry.

“Is it a coincidence that a blueberry fits perfectly inside of a raspberry? I think not,” he said in the middle of the process. Timberlake then coins his fruit conglomerate with the name “braspberry,” eliciting some laughs from those in the background as he pops it into his mouth.

The video’s already amassed over 3 million views in under 2 days, with many people commenting on how awesome or ingenious the idea was.

“He’s a genius and this is why we love him.” – @drebarnhill

“Those are some real deep thoughts 😂😂😂” – @danielle_renee127

“@justintimberlake but does that braspberry fit into a blackberry to make a blabraspberry?” – @justmops

This isn’t an entirely new food hack, however, as anyone who’s played with their berries while bored has probably done this at least once or twice. Still, Timberlake’s fascination with the braspberry has suddenly turned it into an ingenious phenomena to the internet.

It also looks like an incredibly easy healthy party food that I’m definitely trying out this holiday season.

By Constantine Spyrou

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