Just In Time: Fantastic New Doctor Who Restaurant Opens In New York


Brace yourselves, Whovians. The Pandorica is open.

But don’t worry, this time it’s a good thing.

Just in time for the premiere of series 8 on August 23, The Pandorica is an amazing Doctor Who-themed restaurant that has just regenerated re-opened in upstate New York after a recent series of renovations. Owned by a British ex-pat, the fantastically geeky eatery sports a number of call-outs to its parent show, including deep blue tablecloths, a TARDIS bathroom, and a large print out of Van Gogh’s exploding TARDIS painting.


The menu is equally inspired, with dishes like French toast stick Fish Fingers and Custard and appetizers called “Spoilers” and desserts called “Sweeties.” According to reddit, future menu updates will also include more themey-wemey items like “Gallifryed Potatoes,” and “Jammy Dodger Trifle.” Sadly, no immortal Roman centurions seem to stand outside the door, but considering how cool the rest of the place is, we’re willing to let that tiny lapse in continuity slide.


Check out the Pandorica Facebook for more information.

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By Dominique Zamora

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How disappointing. The inside of the restaurant should have been designed around what the inside of the tardis looked like in any of it’s mechaninations. There are so many possibilities. When looking at a neighborhood restaurant with a few doodads thrown around and some artwork it is woefully lacking flavor. If you were going to 1/2 ass it this way at least put in some tardis salt and peper shakers and have sconic screwdriver utinsils if you are going to go for corny.

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