Jones Soda Debuts Sparkling Water in Four Flavors


The Jones Soda company is taking a stab at creating healthier beverage options for their consumers by creating a line of sparkling waters. Parents are going to love that, amiright? Jones Soda was my favorite soda growing up. This was largely due to the fact that it was a rare sight for a 12-year-old without a car back in the day. Now they’re found pretty much anywhere.

The Sparkling Water is available in four different flavors: Berry Lemonade, Fufu Berry, Strawberry Lime and Green Apple. Available in 8-ounce cans, the water only comes in natural flavors with no extra colors, sweeteners or artificial preservatives. One can find the Jones Sparkling Waters at Target stores throughout the “West and Mountain regions.” They can also be purchased online at the Jones website.

The soda will be available in packs of four.

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By Peter Pham

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