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John Besh Edited Out Of ‘Top Chef’ Episode Following Sexual Harassment Scandal

John Besh recently left his own restaurant group after 25 women came forward with accounts of sexual harassment to the Times-Picayune. The implications of that scandal are continuing to affect the embattled chef, as Bravo cooking competition show Top Chef had John Besh edited out of an upcoming episode.

Besh had filmed his parts in Top Chef months prior, according to Eater. Bravo had been evaluating how to move forward with the episode once news of the scandal surfaced, and came to a final decision that was announced just a few days ago.

Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio praised Bravo for their efforts in a statement to Eater:

“Ultimately it was their decision to make, and I know when it was brought up early on, when the stories first broke about John, their response was that they didn’t know how to edit him out, but they worked really hard to do that. So it’s great that they spent the time and did the right thing.”

Besh was included in the closing credits of the show’s recently aired premiere. However, Bravo has since edited him out of all versions of the episode available on streaming platforms, including YouTube. That shot has now been replaced with one of Chris Cosentino.

As more sexual harassment scandals continue to out some of the biggest names in the culinary world, similar actions are beginning to take place with others. Mario Batali, for example, was asked to step away from ABC’s The Chew and had his Molto Mario reboot cancelled by Food Network after women came forward with sexual harassment claims against him.

By Constantine Spyrou

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