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There’s A Smart Decanter That Pours A Perfect Glass Of Bourbon For You

Nothing’s better than relaxing at the end of a long, hard day. By the time you make it home, you’re exhausted from the grueling stresses and hard work that you’ve been up to since the crack of dawn.

There’s probably a million complaints and ninety-nine problems in your head, and while this high-tech smart bourbon decanter can’t fix all those issues, it can at least fix you a drink.

Jim Beam developed the single-serve piece of technology, which literally only has two purposes: to be a smart aleck, or pour you a shot of booze. Ask it anything else, and “JIM,” as it’s called, will just respond with some sarcastic frat bro version of “I have no idea, but have a drink.” Takes me back to my college days.

You can actually pour any type of bourbon, or alcohol for that matter, into the smart bourbon decanter. So if you’re not really a bourbon person, or still salty over Mila Kunis, you don’t necessarily have to fill JIM up with some of his namesake. Smart devices haven’t reached “Terminator” levels yet, so he won’t know the difference, don’t worry.

The high-tech decanters are priced at $34.90 each, and they’ve already sold out of their first limited batch on the Jim Beam website. The company does tell you to “check back soon” for more quantities to be available, so if you think this’ll be the perfect Christmas gift for your bourbon-drinking dad, then hit up the website every now and then to see if it’s back in stock.

By Constantine Spyrou

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