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This Is How Jelly Beans Are Made By The Millions

Have you ever wondered how jelly beans are made? For aficionados of the confectionary classics, it’s hard to find a treat that’s more iconic. The tiny sugar candies are shaped into beans and coated with a sweet shell that comes in an assortment of different colors.

Discovery UK posted a video showing the entire process of how such a sweet idea comes to life.

Essentially, liquid sugar is heated, then combined with glucose and starch. The jelly bean mix created from liquid sugar and starch are poured into hundreds of molds. Once the jelly bean centers are dry, they achieve the chewiness most people are familiar with.

After being separated from the excess starch, the dried jelly bean centers are cooled and coated with more sugar.

To achieve the vibrant colors of a jelly bean, liquid sugar is combined with food coloring and flavoring. The mixture is then added to the jelly bean centers as they spin rapidly in a giant drum. The process repeats several times, creating the layer of sugar around a jelly bean center.

Finally, a little wax is added to create a glossy finish to the confectionaries.

The result: millions of the tiny, iconic, colorful candies.

Check out the video to catch the entire jelly bean-making process from starch to finish.

By Peter Pham

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