Java Monster and Afters Ice Cream Collab For Energy-Packed Ice Cream Flavor

This content has been created in partnership with Monster Energy.

Afters Ice Cream made its name with a uniquely blue “Cookie Monster” flavor that spread through California faster than a Kardashian rumor. But now they’re making waves with a different type of monster. I’m talking about the Monster that’s been providing energy to the masses for more than 15 years.

Afters Ice Cream will be debuting a “Breakfast Monster” flavor at Foodbeast’s upcoming Nood Beach food and music festival, September 1, at Huntington Beach, CA.

This would be a perfect excuse to eat ice cream in the morning, as the new flavor will give you a boost using Java Monster’s Loca Moca flavor poured into Afters’ classic vanilla ice cream. Also mixed in will be some chocolate-covered biscotti pieces, with a healthy topping of bacon bits, honey, and French toast cereal.

If you really want to ball out, you can ask for the Breakfast Monster in the form of Afters’ famous Milky Bun, which fans know as a warm doughnut that houses the cold treat for a perfect blend of temperature-based sensations.

If you or your friends are fans of either Afters Ice Cream or Java Monster, you’ll probably want to snag some tickets to check this out, along with the other 20+ noodle vendors slanging goodies at Foodbeast’s Nood Beach Festival, September 1.

This content has been created in partnership with Monster Energy.

By Isai Rocha

Isai is the self-proclaimed Kanye West of burrito eating. He has a hard time trusting vegans, ranch dressing and especially vegan ranch dressing.