Er, Japan Serves Collagen Meat Popsicles


A Japanese restaurant has apparently found a way to combat the aging process, a leading cause of deaths among everyone since the beginning of time. The Tokyo eatery, Zenyaren, serves a variety of meat skewers frozen in blocks of gelatin collagen. So basically kabob lollipops you can literally continue licking until you reach meat. Pause.

By incorporating collagen into the diet, Japanese skin specialists believe that it can slow down the effects of age. At least aesthetically.

Skin specialists from the UK, however, are not too impressed with the claims from their Japanese colleagues. The British Skin Foundation has stated that eating collagen in no way helps rejuvenate skin.

Hey, at least it’ll keep you cool during the summer heat. I’ll take a chicken, please.

H/T Yahoo UK

By Peter Pham

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