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Japan has Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Topped with Real Gold and Silver Flecks

Japan-Opera-Ice-CreamHäagen-Dazs Japan is taking a walk on the classier side of the tracks with their new Opera and Antoinette flavors. Said to be inspired by French history, the soon-to-be-released flavors are both topped with gold and silver, presumably the edible variety. Though, hey, we’re not picky.

The Antoinette will be released in Japan this December. It contains red wine ice cream made with Bordeaux, topped with red wine sauce and flecks of silver leaf. Edible silver flecks are typically made of pure silver.

Ice cream connoisseurs will remember that Opera has been in and out of the market since 2011. It’s comprised of butter and coffee ice cream with almond cookie spacers, then topped with chocolate sauce and gold leaf specks, usually formed from 23-karat gold.

As some of you may know, edible gold and silver have no taste. The flecks just give the ice cream decadent sparkle.

The two ice cream flavors will be on sale in Japan on Dec. 9. Both varieties will be available at all participating convenience stores for 432 yen ($3.95 US).

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By Peter Pham

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