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Potato Crisis Puts End to Super-Sized Fries in Japan, Small or Nothing


Sad news for Japan. Thanks to a potato shortage caused by labor contract disputes, Japan is seeing less and less of the popular starch, reports Asahi News. Because no potatoes are coming in from US ports, McDonald’s Japan is rationing their fry supply.

No longer will the fast food chain be offering medium and large servings of the potato sticks. Customers will only be able to order a small serving of the fried potatoes.

Combo meals that feature a medium-sized order of french fries will now be 50 yen cheaper. That’s approximately 43 cents US. The fry rule is effective Dec. 17 and will carry on toward the foreseeable future at all Japanese McDonald’s locations.

No word yet if the fry embargo reaches to other fast food restaurants located in Japan.

h/t Kotaku

By Peter Pham

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