it's love, it's love! it's lalalalala it's love!

Good morning everyone! Heineken has rolled out with this catchy new commercial promoting their Premium Light Beer, encouraging people to “Share the Good.” Check it out:

Go ahead. Watch it again. You know you want to. I watched it three times before I could pry myself away from YouTube to write this post. Bloggers all over the globe must be having a field day analyzing the themes and concepts in this commerical. My analysis? It’s sweet to do cool things for other people. And free beer? I’m down!

If you’re having a bad day, just go out for some good eats and sing the jingle in your head. You know  you memorized it already! Good luck focusing during that manager’s meeting or British literature class today while “it’s love! it’s lalalala it’s love!” is looping in your head.

P.S. Let me save you some time. The song’s called “It’s Love” by Chris Knox. No need to thank me 🙂

Peace out, and don’t forget to share the good!