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Secret “IT Frappuccino” Lurking At Starbucks Is A Barista’s Worst Nightmare

Starbucks’s new Zombie Frappuccino may be getting all of the Instagram hype right now, but there’s another spooky-themed beverage that customers have been begging for across the nation as well. Called the “IT Frappuccino,” this spooky drink inspired by Pennywise the clown has already got baristas groaning.

Technically, the IT Frappuccino isn’t a real Starbucks beverage. It was invented by beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Daisy Marquez, who teamed up with a Los Angeles location of the coffee giant to make the frozen drink. It’s simple enough to make, considering it’s just a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino with strawberry puree swirled around the side. However, a photo captured by Marquez reveals an extra advertising claim from the Starbucks franchise that’s confused fans and pissed off baristas.

To the store in California that is serving the”IT” Frappuccino… from starbucks

By offering the vanilla bean scone on the side, several fans wanting to get a hold of the IT Frappuccino have asked their baristas to blend the baked good directly into their drink. While some stores have complied with the request, it’s apparently a HUGE no-no, as company policy says that you can’t blend baked goods into customers’ drinks. Of course, not everybody understood that, and it’s led to some not-so-pleasant scenarios.

Moral of the story: if you do order the IT Frappuccino, make sure you tell your baristas what goes in it (a vanilla bean creme frap with strawberry puree on the outside). If you want the scone, get it, but please, don’t ask the Starbucks staff to blend it into your drink, cause that ain’t happening.

By Constantine Spyrou

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