Is This Ham Leg Pillow the Adult Version of a Stuffed Animal Pig?

Confession time: I sleep with a stuffed animal. Gosig was an Ikea clearance rack pickup who quickly became the best body pillow a man could ask for. The fake dog physique is skinny and makes for a pillow shape that isn’t overstuffed like a regular body pillow, but the huge golden faux-triever cranium provides a comfortable headrest during slumber. My dog even thinks he is real sometimes, and once in a moment of boredom I stole him from behind my back and arranged him like a dog crouching and ready to pounce – perhaps hoping he would come to life.

Venezuelan artist Alejandro Kobiakov is taking on the realistic plush toy from a slightly different angle with his piece “Jamón ibérico de bellota” – a stuffed ham pillow that is a little too realistic for full sleepy-time comfort. What cute, cuddly name do you give to a dismembered, seasoned, and cooked ham leg? What happens when you wake up, still half asleep, and mistake it for food?

The pillow runs for the equivalent of $22, but unfortunately isn’t available to US buyers.

Jamón ibérico de bellota: $22 @Culismo

via Incredible Things

By Maziar Azizi

Maziar is an East Coast transplant who thought he didn't like LA - until he moved to Orange County for school.

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