Why This TINY Iron Fish Could Save 2 BILLION Lives


Iron deficiency is a serious problem for 2 billion people around the world. The looming nutritional obstacle often leads to anemia when supplements are unavailable. However, a little iron fish appears to be the key in maintaining proper iron levels.

The fish was invented by Dr. Christopher Charles who has been testing it in underdeveloped areas.

Communities with iron deficiency are instructed to boil the fish along with water or soup for at least 10 minutes. After, they need to add some lemon juice (essential for iron absorption) to the liquid before consuming. According to Charles, the fish will not affect the taste of the food in any way. However, it will add much-needed iron to the diets of many.

More than 2,500 people are using the fish in Cambodia in a series of trails. After 12 months, those using the fish regularly were no longer anemic.

Each iron fish is said to last for years.

Photo: Lucky Iron Fish 

By Peter Pham

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