Internet Births Genius ‘Cake Shake’ Hack


Dear Internet,

You are both the bane and joy of my existence. On one hand, you pop out insane $750, 000 pizzas. On the other hand, you bring us such delectable bits of goodness that it’s impossible to stay mad at you for to long. Take this genius “Cake Shake” hack that found its way to us by way of Reddit.

It’s further proof that the best things in life are simple, easy and fantastic. Simply chuck a slice of ice cream cake in a blender, splash on a bit of milk and whoosh — the perfect milkshake thickened by extra-sweet icing and bits of cake. 

I’m thinking this would work well with the obvious cookies-and-cream ice cream cake. If you want to take it to the next level, try a fudge-and-mint version. And remember kids, whole milk only. None of that 2% baby stuff.




H/T + PicThx Reddit, Imgur

By Charisma Madarang

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