The Average Cost of Beer Around the World [Infographic]


If you’re ever traveling across the world, you’re gonna want to make every penny count. You’re not going to want to spend up to $5 on a beer you can purchase for half that back home. So what’s a boozy world traveler to do?

A study conducted by GoEuro found the average costs of a 330ml (11.2oz) per country. Wall Street Journal reports that the data gathered was based on the average price of a 330ml bottle purchased at a discount store. This includes several world-wide brands and a major local brand.

In the lead is Oslo, Norway with a price of £2.87 per pint of beer per average store. That’s $4.77 for a beer in the US, and let’s not forget that its also from a discount store. The cheapest beer, however, comes from Warsaw with a measly sum of £0.64 ($1.06 US). Dollar menu beer, anyone?

Check out the infographic below the next time you’re primed to jet-set across the world. You might save yourself a few bucks in booze.

Beer-Chart-01 Beer-Chart-02

Picthx Go Euro

By Peter Pham

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