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Instacart Orders For Balsamic Vinegar and Sparkling Water Increase After ‘Healthy Coke’ Trends

Photo: TikTok/@healthylittlepeach

I’m all for living your best healthy girl summer but this newest viral trend on TikTok has me shook. “Healthy Coke” is the recent growing craze that contains two ingredients — balsamic vinegar and sparkling water. Both are common staples found in anyone’s kitchen, making this trending beverage an easily accessible alternative to Coke.

But the trend has blown up to the point that orders containing the two ingredients have had Instacart‘s sales of balsamic vinegar and sparkling water jump up 43% in the last week as the viral drink has begun to pop up on everyone’s feed. “Healthy Coke” has 38.8 million views on TikTok and continues to escalate for two reasons: one, because it is easy to make; two, it is a weird and disputed trend to try out.

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There have been differing conclusions on taste profile so you know I had to test it for myself. And to be honest, it tastes like when the soda fountain is running out of the flavored syrup AKA the best part. Although it does not smell or taste anything like balsamic vinegar, the thought alone of pouring it over ice was jarring. I’ll stick to working out so I can drink unhealthy Coke.

Will you be experimenting with this buzzy food trend or just watching the hilarious reaction videos from people drinking it?