Customers Find Insects In EVERY DISH At This Restaurant, So Why Aren’t They Mad?

There’s a step-by-step process we all use more or less when it comes to discarding an intrusive insect in our homes: see a spider, kill it, flush it down the toilet, douse the house in gasoline, light a match then turn around and never stop sprinting while you convince yourself that there is such thing as “bravely running away.”

Well, the days of throwing bugs away and disposing of them through arson are over. A new restaurant is opening up in the United Kingdom called Grub Kitchen and the main ingredient in the dishes is exactly what you think it is: insects.

Dr. Sarah Beynon, world-renowned entomologist and owner/director of Dr. Beynon’s Bug Farm, has teamed up with head chef Andy Holcroft to create a restaurant that specializes in popular dishes with an insect twist.

Praying mantis? More like “sautéing” mantis! Zing!

One of the more popular items on the menu is the Signature Grub bug burger, which comes with a sourdough and cricket bun along with giving you the option to put more insects on the burger itself. Assuming, of course, that you’re ok with being known as the “bug-eater” in your circle of friends. Also assuming you have any friends left after you began eating insects like it ain’t no thang.

Dr. Beynon explains that the reason she and Chef Holcroft decided to create a restaurant that specializes in serving bugs is twofold. Firstly, because the insects that are safe to eat are packed to the brim with protein and cost much less to feed, maintain and raise on a farm than regular farm animals. Second, turning this delicacy from a “novelty to normalcy” could help solve world hunger on a massive scale.

While people have been practicing “entomophagy” (the practice of eating insects) for thousands of years, the lifestyle isn’t that close to becoming standard in westernized countries, namely the good ol’ US of A and Europe. With the opening of Grub Kitchen in St. David’s, Pembrokeshire, Dr. Beynon and Chef Holcroft hope to change that and bring our world one step closer to solving world hunger.

And hey, if real worms are anything like gummy worms…screw it, I’m game.

Image Source: Oh My Disney, Instagram


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