Man vs. Burger at In & Out

Today was a beautiful day! After a few days of uncharacteristic overcast, the sun is shining bright. Even though class put me to sleep like usual, it was nice to stroll around the UC Irvine campus and enjoy the weather. It’s also a sweet day for Foodbeast, cause I get to write about something hilarious! We challenged my friend to eat a 16×16 at In & Out Burger. That’s 16 meat patties, 16 slices of cheese, a ridiculous amount of spread, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and ketchup between two buns. It may sound tasty, but trust, it’s pretty nasty on the eyes. Check it out!



This is Chris. He’s a monster eater, and is pretty confident he can put down a 16×16. Foodbeast wanted to put him to the test. Turns out In & Out doesn’t serve anything larger than 4×4 anymore, so we had to do it real nasty and order a 4×4 and a bunch of “Flying Dutchmans” (burger lingo for just meat and cheese) and assemble it ourselves. Just that much more fun for me hahaha!


Assembly Required.


Christmas came early this year!


Ready, Set, Go!


The first bite…


Eight minutes later…

The home stretch. Crazy thing was, Chris was still feeling great at this point! We joked that we should have ordered him some fries. I think he would have been down.


Worth every cent baby.

By the time we got back to our apartments, Chris had a glazed over look on his face, though he said he felt perfectly fine! I guess that just shows how delicious In & Out Burger is. No jokes. One of the best burgers and atmospheres to eat and hang out.

And everyone knows the price is nice. Not to mentions the shakes. If you haven’t, try a “Neopolitan” Shake. It’s Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate all mixed together. I’m stopping there though, because In & Out deserves it’s own post. It’s a science. Stay tuned for that!

Chris is the man. The next morning we saw him pop out of a car with a platter of fried rice!

If you haven’t had In & Out, you gotta come to the West Coast, it’s amazing. If you don’t know anyone, I’ll meet you there!

Thanks for reading! Until next time dudes, Love, peace, and food.

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