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In-N-Out Suing Yet Another “Copy Cat” Restaurant — Grab-N-Go Burger


East Coast restaurant  Grab-N-Go Burger was slapped with a trademark infringement lawsuit last week after burger chain In-N-Out felt the independent burger stand was copying the from the brand’s signature look and menu ideas. The irvine-based In-N-Out is seeking damages, citing damages done to their brand integirty. Some consider In-N-Out’s potential Eastward expansion plans that could further incite the protection of their pure cult-favorite burger brand.

We asked the question back in July of this year when In-N-Out threatened an Idaho Burger Stand with a lawsuit, “Does In-N-Out have the right?”

The full lawsuit is available for viewing here, if you’re a lawyer and into that kinda thing.

Are they being too overprotective of their brand, to the point of being bully and out-of-line? According to an updated statement from the owner of Grab-N-Go Burger Gus Siperko, “We are really rather livid over this.” In fact, he continued to explain to our friends over at the OC Register that he had never even heard of In-N-Out.

We get the idea that Grab-N-Go won’t be changing things up without a fight. Yet, by the looks of rather negative early Yelp reviews of the location, maybe they should?





By Elie Ayrouth

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